Fundación Karisma, AC joins efforts with social, public and private institutions to promote the physical well-being of those in need and improve their quality of life through prevention, detection and timely attention.

With leadership, we have developed strategic lines of action that offer innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions to create a social impact.

Through our programs, we promote a healthy lifestyle, we are convinced that working on prevention we will achieve the transformation of problems in health matters.

Prevent cancer with a healthy lifestyle: 30 - 50%



Karisma Heart

For every $ 50 of contribution, Fundación Karisma, A.C. will send to his home a heart in which all our hopes are placed. All amounts


You can also make your donation through a bank transfer or Deposit to the following account:

BBVA Bancomer, Karisma Foundation, AC, Account 0105820200, Clabe 012 694 00105820200 4

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